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Live view & Playback Snapshots

Time stamped sample video images from DVR video recording systems. These images are from older technology. The newer technology is far more advanced.

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    We deliver and install all makes and models of CCTV video surveillance systems.

Our indicative prices

type Normal hours After hours
Wiring and installation $125 /hr $200 /hr
Maintenance $125 /hr $200 /hr
Diagnose $125 /hr $200 /hr

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Security saving tips

  • The staff within a company should be held to an iron clad computer usage policy.
  • Do not open emails from people you do now know. Be sure to utilize an email scanner that will scan your emails for viruses.
  • A lot of companies have no type of internet content filtering within their organization.
  • Companies need to protect their valuable data and when people are using the computers in their business they have to have access to important documents in order to perform their job.

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