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CCTV, Video Security, Video Surveillance

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Prevention is better then apprehension

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce estimates that 75% of all employees steal at least once, half of these steal again

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We have many Video Surveillance Systems
(CCTV) options to fix your needs.

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Hire the video security experts!

Security Cameras

Installing security cameras in your Lakeland or Tampa FL business reduces the risks of being victims to burglary tremendously. Surveillance systems scare off criminals very effectively. Laleland business security systems protect your profits and reduce theft. A business video security system you install will give you and your customers peace of mind.

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is basically a recorded close observation or scrutiny of a particular location for security and business purposes. It has become a business and security tool as it is widely used by various organizations and law enforcement agencies.

Access control

An access control point is where granting access can be electronically controlled. An electronic access control door can contain several elements. The most basic is a stand-alone electric lock. The reader could be a keypad, it could be a card reader, or it could be a biometric reader.

CCTV Systems

We sell and install enterprise grade CCTV video security solutions. We offer high resolution CCTV products including AHD, CVI, TVI, HDSDI, IP solutions and much more. We can upgrade your old CCTV video security system to the latest technology on time and on budget.

Video Security

We are Lakeland Florida's leading CCTV video security Lakeland FL installer. We have trained and knowledgeable staff to get your project off the ground.

Remote Viewing

The innovative technology has made the monitoring process easier. With the remote monitoring service, you can view it all from the convenience of your mobile device no matter with your location.

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